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Inspired by Boeing’s progressive twin-engined Model 247 airliner from the 1930s, Bremont’s unique chronograph has two sub-dials that reflect the aircraft’s radial engines. Like the Model 1 Ti-GMT timepiece, the case is available in manufactured from Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 Titanium. The Bremont Trip-Tick® case construction incorporates a screw down crown and chrono-pushers. The Model 247 also features an exhibition sapphire crystal case back through which the automatic chronometer movement can be seen.

By 1933 aircraft design had moved forward rapidly, with Boeing at the forefront of innovation. The twin-engined Boeing Model 247 was a major advance in passenger air travel. Focused on both safety and speed, it was the first twin airliner able to fly on one engine only, and the airframe incorporated revolutionary design features like autopilot, control surface trim tabs and de-icing capability. The Model 247 set a new trans-continental speed record, transiting a phenomenal eight hours faster than any previous aeroplane. Passengers could travel non-stop across the US continent for the very first time. Used by both civilian and military operators, the Model 247 set the standard for basic airline design for the next decade.


Datos técnicos


Cronómetro automático BE-54AE de calibre modificado 13 de 6,35 mm (1/4 in), 25 rubíes, equilibrado glucydur, resorte regulador Anachron, resorte principal Nivaflex 1, 28 800 A/h, reserva de marcha de 42 h, función GMT. Rotor Bremont Boeing decorado y esqueletado.


Manecillas de hora, minutos, segundos. Pequeños contadores cronográficos con segundos, 30 minutos y 12 horas y manecilla de 24 h GMT con fecha a las 4:30 h.


Titanio Ti-64 Boeing para aviación con bisel giratorio bidireccional revestido de SuperLumiNova®. Fabricación Trip-Tick® de Bremont con caja de barrilete tratada con DLC resistente a los rasguños. Caja de 43 mm de diámetro, correa de 22 mm de largo.

Reverso de la caja

Reverso de caja expuesto de titanio Ti 6-4 Boeing para aviación.


Esfera de metal con manecillas y dígitos revestidos de SuperLumiNova®. 


Cristal de zafiro abovedado, antirreflectante y resistente a los rasguños.

Resistencia al agua

10 ATM, 100 metros.


Cronómetro homologado por COSC.


Número de serie individual con certificado COSC.

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